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  • MAONO AU-C01 Voice Amplifier (Pink)


    MAONO AU-C01 portable voice amplifier has a stylish, ergonomic, lightweight, sleek and comfortable design. Excellent Sound: Voice amp/amplifier speaker built-in advanced circuit IC with high sensitivity microphone produces a clear, natural and crystal sound for a wonderful experience. Digital voice clarifying amplifier with 10W power output allows your voice to spread throughout the 400 square […]

  • MAONO AU-C03 Voice Amplifier (Black)


    Maono voice amplifier inherits the traditional public address function. It is a good partner for teachers, tour guides, supermarkets promotion, lectures, etc. After technical improvements, now Maono amplifier has been able to amplify more than 400 sqm. 【Never Be Unheard Again】MAONO AU-C03 voice amplifier has outstanding amplification function. The cardioid microphone collects only the voice […]