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  • GHOSTA-PB-001 3-in-1 Charger/10,000mAh Power Bank


    Our GHOSTA-E-029 3-in-1 Charger/10,000mAh Power Bank may be all you need- it is compact and perfect for travel. If you need a power bank on the go, this device is equivalent to 20W fast charge power bank. To use it as a 15 W wall charger, just unfold the foldable plug and plug it to […]

  • GHOSTA-PB-002 24,000mAh Powerbank


    This high capacity (24,000 mAh) and fast charge powerbank has a dual 20W output. With 2 USB-A port and 1 USB-C port, charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. -Cell Capacity: 24000mAh | 74Wh -Size: 162.8×75.6×26.5mm -N/W: 476g -Input (Micro-USB): 5V=2A ,9V=2A -Input (Type-C): 5V=3A ,9V=2A -Output (Type-C): 5V=3A ,9V=2.22A ,12V=1.5A -Output (USB-A1): 5V=3A ,9V=2.22A ,12V=1.5A […]