GHOSTA-E-012 Travel Tripod Stand

GHOSTA-E-012 Travel Tripod Stand


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Lightweight and portable, this travel tripod is the accessories you need on-the-go!
With a 1/4 universal screw, it is compatible for use with your smartphone and/or camera.
It has 8 section of foot pipe, bringing the tripod to a maximum height of 105 cm. The tripod knob could also be adjusted vertically to adjust the camera angle, alowing for horizontal and vertical shooting switch.
With a bluetooth remote control, take the perfect photo/video!

Folded length: 280 mm
Maximum height: 1050 mm
PTZ type: 1 kg
Weight: 0.39 kg
Color: Black
Material: Aluminium


Limit of 4 per order.

Additional information

Weight 0.53 kg


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