GHOSTA-P-005 Electric Pet Nail Trimmer

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GHOSTA-P-005 Electric Pet Nail Trimmer


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1. Easy to use, safe alternative to clipping your pet’s claws at home.
2. It’s lightweight and whisper quiet so your pet isn’t startled and scared.
3. Ideal for shaping and smoothing claws of your dogs and cats.
4. Use 2 * AAA batteries (not included).
5. Package Includes:
– 3 * Grinding wheel
– 1 * Electric pet nail trimmer
– 1 * User manual
6. Note:
– Before use, please make sure that you safeguard your skin or your pet’s skin well to avoid any possible injuries.
– Please keep your clothes, jewelry, hair and other fragile stuff away from the clippers especially when you are using them.
– Don’t rinse the pet nail clippers.
– Do not use the clippers to trim human’s nails to avoid any damages or injuries.
– Please take out the batteries when you leave the clippers not in use for a long time.


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