GHOSTA-PC-021 Anti Bark Collar


GHOSTA-PC-021 Anti Bark Collar


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1. This product has a display screen, separate function keys, visual adjustment, simple and clear
2.The silica gel conductive column is soft and comfortable to wear without hurting the dog’s skin.
3. The collar adopts a belt buckle method to solve the problem of easy slipping, the same size can be adjusted, and the extra part can be cut, suitable for all kinds of dogs
4. Equipped with short and medium-length metal conductive posts and silicone conductive posts, which can be freely selected according to the size of the dog
5. The vibration and electric shock functions have 7 gears each, and this function is turned off when it is adjusted to 0
6. IP65 waterproof, can be worn on rainy days
7.500MAH lithium battery, rechargeable, economical and environmentally friendly, with large capacity and long battery life


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