MAONO AU-C01 Voice Amplifier (Pink)


MAONO AU-C01 Voice Amplifier (Pink)


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MAONO AU-C01 portable voice amplifier has a stylish, ergonomic, lightweight, sleek and comfortable design.

Excellent Sound: Voice amp/amplifier speaker built-in advanced circuit IC with high sensitivity microphone produces a clear, natural and crystal sound for a wonderful experience. Digital voice clarifying amplifier with 10W power output allows your voice to spread throughout the 400 square meters.

Wide Applicability: This voice amplifier is an ideal device that helps spread announcements without any disturbances for teachers, kindergartener, tour guiders, speakers, lecturer, presenters, Yoga instructors, gym directors, market promotion, coaches and more.

Best Public Announcement System: Public Address sound system is a combo of a portable / small loudspeaker with a wired microphone, which works as an excellent public address system. Whether you are a tour guide, teacher at a school or coaching center, trainer or someone who has to regularly communicate to a group of 25-50 people. This portable voice amplifier is a great system for easy announcements, communication or teaching.

AU-C01 manual

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Dimensions 8.5 × 4 × 11.5 cm


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