MAONO AU-C03 Voice Amplifier (Black)

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MAONO AU-C03 Voice Amplifier (Black)


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Maono voice amplifier inherits the traditional public address function. It is a good partner for teachers, tour guides, supermarkets promotion, lectures, etc. After technical improvements, now Maono amplifier has been able to amplify more than 400 sqm.

【Never Be Unheard Again】MAONO AU-C03 voice amplifier has outstanding amplification function. The cardioid microphone collects only the voice from your mouse without picking up any background sound while the dual voice coil 360 stereo speaker amplifies your voice more natural and real.
【USB to Micro USB Charging】Unlike other old-school voice amplifier which requires a unique charging adaptor, Maono voice amplifier is using micro USB port, so you can just use your mobile charger and cable to charge it- no need to worry about losing your PA’s adapter.
【Pocket Design But Powerful】Reduce your weight burden: It is only 3.1 x 1.8 x 3.4 inches and 127g (lighter than iPhone 6). It’s mono loudness can reach up to 126dB. The sound covers over approximately 400㎡. Lightweight and powerful- make your presentations more successful.
【Long Working Time】 The inbuilt battery of 1020 mA provides a 10-hour working time. If you use it for 3 hours per day, you can use it about 1 week after 3 hours of full recharge.
【MP3 and Music Player】Support TF card and AUX line-in to play music with the 3.5mm male to male AUX cable; easily turn this voice amplifier into a music speaker- it can even play music while you input the microphone and it becomes a mini karaoke system!

AU-C03 User manual

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